Ouya … the little console that was

According to popular website phoronix Ouya Software has been acquired by Razer, news that is actually confirmed on their website http://www.razerzone.com/press/detail/press-releases/razer-acquires-ouya-software-assets . This is good news for the people working for Ouya  their game developers , and Ouya as a company , if this is good news for the users I am still to find out as a proud Ouya owner.

To quote Razer’s website

“In the near future, Razer will be providing existing OUYA users with a clear path of migration to the more advanced Forge TV micro-console and Serval controller bundle. Razer’s intention is to allow OUYA users to bring their games, controllers, and accounts to the Cortex TV platform on the Forge micro-console, advancing the experience of Android gaming on TV that they have previously enjoyed. Additionally, Razer is planning deep product discounts for incoming OUYA users to purchase Razer hardware, and a spate of freebies, giveaways, and promotions to enjoy on their new Forge consoles.  – See more at: http://www.razerzone.com/press/detail/press-releases/razer-acquires-ouya-software-assets#sthash.BQND5Iwu.dpuf”

I am not sure at this point what this means and I anxiously wait to hear from them 🙂


Neil Young and the streaming services

Hello Internet ,

So this whole thing about artists and streaming seems to continue ,  and it keeps getting sillier by the day , it was brought to my attention that the artist Neil Young has pulled his music from the streaming services .  I do support his decision on this , it is his work after all but some things are ridiculous … he has said and I quote “Streaming has ended for me. I hope this is ok for my fans. It’s not because of the money, although my share (like all the other artists) was dramatically reduced by bad deals made without my consent. It’s about sound quality. ”  source : https://www.facebook.com/NeilYoung …

It’s not because of the money, although my share (like all the other artists) was dramatically reduced by bad deals made without my consent. It’s about sound quality” …. this is funny because ,  if it’s not about the money why mention it ????

Also taking into account that a vast number of people these days listen to music on mobile devices or even any sort of digital device that plays mp3 compressed files … is this still an issue ? Or is this related to the fact that Mr Young has already developed his own “high quality” download service https://www.ponomusic.com and music store where they sell their own “ponoplayer” … (horrible  looking thing if you ask me )  ponoIn any case, I do think that his attitude is “funny” and odd because of the way this is said but … he does have the right to do this and …. I respect him for not just complaining but actually doing something to fight something that apparently he disagrees with .

In any case … respect to Neil for his courage … and may I ask if Mr Young is also going to remove all the videos from youtube  that feature his songs ?




Another day … another Openssl Bug

Hello there

There has been a lot of noise around a new bug that openssl has reported , but it seems that this is being blown out of proportions (again) it seems that the bug was introduced on a commit from late April 2015 https://git.openssl.org/?p=openssl.git;a=commit;h=6281abc79623419eae6a64768c478272d5d3a426 and the versions if affects have been around for a month. So far the most used distros seem to have not been affected by this issue .




So … nothing to see here … 😀






Urbanears Platan Adv review


So it’s been a while since I have been window shopping for these bad boys,  the Urbanears Platan ADV headphones, you can checkout the website for more models / information. Before I bought these I had some research and overall I have to say that I agree with the general opinion that these are very nice and worth the money, not to mention that they are way cheaper then your “High Street” brands and a big bang for your money . I have been using them for 24 hours now and they feel amazing , they are light rugged and have an amazing sound. I also find the washable head band to be a nice feature as it tends to get soaked in sweat . The only downside to this was the way the order and shipping process was handled, I had my order in “processing” state until my package was delivered and not keeping the customer updated can generate some anxiety for the consumer , and also while trying to buy the website kept throwing http 500 errors at me which is not nice and maybe they should consider reviewing their magento implementation  in order to improve the customer experience.

Overall an excellent  product !!!!

Bye for now