Linux Academy … learning further and personal development

Hello all

As we all know a part of being a good Sysadmin is learning hot to reinvent yourself every once in a while. This can happen actually quite often as the tech market moves at lightning speed.  So this week I have started using Linux Academy to improve my Linux Mojo and learn a few new tricks  this is proving to be quite interesting as the website not only provides videos with the training materials but also provides you with labs , actual servers where you can test and learn further, I will document my progress as I go but so far it looks grand !!!

Beware that this is not free it costs around 25$/month but it’s in my opinion it’s well worth it if you can get well prepared for your certifications and learn new things .

Ansible modules development

Hello again

So as a hobby I have started working on an Ansible module to allow adding static routes to several hosts , I got out my recently acquired Python skills and started cracking at it , if you are curious about how to start developing ansible modules here is a good place to start . the module development itself is not hard to get started with , and if you are already familiar with ansible and python ( in fact you don’t need python as you can write modules in any language but I have chosen python  for mine ) if should be fairly straight forward.

I have chosen this module for implement because it seems that it is a common thing to do as a System Administrator and there is no specific module to do this, of course you could just use the command module to add a static route but this module aims to do a bit more than just that, I am thinking about implementing this for the most relevant unix like platforms , namely :

 – Linux

– Red Hat

– Debian

– Ubuntu


– Openbsd

– Freebsd


If I can find the time and resources I will try to implement the same for also HPUX and Aix but as I don’t have direct access to those platforms at the moment I cannot promise that I will do so. For now the priority is Linux of course .

The code is available from my github repo but for now it’s just an embryo.