Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Tedeschi 2012

Hello all

So as per my previous post I ordered some  Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Tedeschi 2012 from vivino, the website / app that allows you to review wines and also share your review with other people. So here I am to review it, this will not only focus on the wine itself but also on Vivino’s service. First of all I am quite happy with them, the order process was quick and I got the wine delivered in 24h , (I live in London so this could be why) . As for the wine itself, it’s all the ad described, nice aroma, a very interesting taste and a wine worthy of the “Legendary” title. In my opinion one of the best Red wines I had so far.

I had this wine with a veggie Lasagna but it would go well with any meat dish, I think this would also go very well with my Lamb Stew, or any roast for that matter.

So I would say this wine is well worth the price and Vivino’s service was a good choice as I had the wine delivered to my door without any hassle, on time (actually a few days ahead of what I was expecting) and with a brilliant packaging and made sure the wine got to me intact.

Good work Vivino !!!

You will hear from me again, I promise !

Edit: The price I mentioned is with a Vivino discount, actual price may be higher without the discount.