Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Tedeschi 2012

Hello all

So as per my previous post I ordered some  Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Tedeschi 2012 from vivino, the website / app that allows you to review wines and also share your review with other people. So here I am to review it, this will not only focus on the wine itself but also on Vivino’s service. First of all I am quite happy with them, the order process was quick and I got the wine delivered in 24h , (I live in London so this could be why) . As for the wine itself, it’s all the ad described, nice aroma, a very interesting taste and a wine worthy of the “Legendary” title. In my opinion one of the best Red wines I had so far.

I had this wine with a veggie Lasagna but it would go well with any meat dish, I think this would also go very well with my Lamb Stew, or any roast for that matter.

So I would say this wine is well worth the price and Vivino’s service was a good choice as I had the wine delivered to my door without any hassle, on time (actually a few days ahead of what I was expecting) and with a brilliant packaging and made sure the wine got to me intact.

Good work Vivino !!!

You will hear from me again, I promise !

Edit: The price I mentioned is with a Vivino discount, actual price may be higher without the discount.


Wine Reviews – The beginning

Hello all

So, while I was on vacation I installed a new app on my phone, it’s called Vivino and it’s main purpose is to allow you to review the wines you drink, simple enough and it also allows you to share your reviews with other people.

So now they are making some suggestions of their own, and have sent me an email with the following wine

So this will be the first time I will use their service to order wine, and as soon as the wine arrives I will do an unboxing post to show you guys how the service is presented and also the wine per se.

Stay tuned for updates