The small server that could

Hello again Internet

While searching for a small format server for my lab at home , I found the following device from SuperMicro that has just blown my mind. This little server sports a Intel® Xeon® processor D-1540 , can take up to Up to 128GB ECC RDIMM DDR4 2133MHz or 64GB ECC/non-ECC   UDIMM in 4 sockets , the feature list is very nice for a low budget server and has even ipmi as an extra.

One of my favourite features is the fact that it contains 2x 2.5″ fixed drive bays and 4x 3.5″ Hot-swap drive bays, this allow me to have the OS on the internal drive bays and data in the hot swap drives , which is exactly what I wanted 😀 .

This got my interest as a home server and despite the fact that supermicro has not yet launched the device I am anxiously waiting for it to be available .

The complete feature set is available here .

For now all I can do is to talk about it, as soon as I get my hands on this bad boy I will be posting a full review .


Until then